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GR20 north refuges List
Gite municipal of Calenzana, Four beds dorms. Rudimentary self catering facilities Bathrooms availables.

Ortu di u Piubbo Refuge,

Carrozzu Refuge, good range of supplies and hot food

Hotel le Chalet at Haut Asco,  in addition to standard chalet-style rooms, you will find gite d'tapes dorm-beds and a restaurant. Also, a PNRC run refuge behind the hotel with a well equiped kitchen and communal dining hall.

Tighjettu Refuge,

Vallone  shepherds'cabins: run by a family of local, a cluster of old shepherds'huts recently converted for hikers. Very good range of supplies and hot meals (tasty specialties).

Ciottolu a i mori Refuge, this stone built hut is the GR20's highest refuge, overlooking the Golo valley from a natural balcony. Good range of supplies and cooked food.

Hotel Le Chalet of Castel di Verghio, one of Corsica's few ski stations, facilities include a fenced enclosure where you can pitch tent, a dormitory and a spartan hotel. Modest selection of groceries and basic supplies sold at the bar.

Manganu Refuge, beautifully situated hut with gorgeous view of the surrounding peaks, running stream near by. Good selection of basic supplies and cooked food.

Petra Piana Refuge, basic supplies only, cooked meat available. You can extend you stay here and take the oportunity to scale Monte Rotondo, Corsica's second highest mountain

Onda Refuge, far from the most enticing hut on the route, go to the bergeries near by for supplies.

* Refuge de la gare, conventional and basic, directly accross the station.

* Hotel I Laricci,well maintained building decorated in moroccan style. Dormitoryfacilities as well as hotel rooms (book in advance). Meals available.

* Hotel Monte d'Oro,if you have the budget, real pleasant 19th century hotel, periodfurnitures, magnificent terrasse overlooking the mountain. The hotelhas a restaurant that features trout, lamb or wildboar. Possibletransfer to and from Vizzavona if you call.

Refuge Ortu di u Piobu
Ortu di u piubo Refuge

Vaccaghja sheppherds cabins

Refuge de Carrozu
Carrozzu Refuge's deck

Vallone Refuge

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