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The trail crosses the island from north to south

About the GR20 trail

Trekking the GR20 in Corsica entails undertaking the most demanding long-distance footpath in Corsica. Its itinerary crosses Corsica diagonally via high mountain ridges and age old mountain pastures in around 200 km (311 miles). One of its particularities exists in its difficulty : the GR20 is considered as the most difficult GR (grande randonne) in Europe. Its reputation has spread and it has become the trek that most walkers have on their checklist.

Where to start?

The GR20 can be completed in two senses, North-South and South-North. Even though most route notes provide a guide to the North-South version, there are two reasons that defend the South-North choice. Firstly, the mountains in the Southern section of the GR20 are less technical and steep than the mountains in the Northern section. This therefore permits you to carry out the hike by following a progression in difficulty, a great advantage especially for beginners. Secondly, hiking from the South to the North means that the sun is behind you, which improves the light and visual quality during your walk.

GR20 way-marking
GR 20 : Balisage

Signs in red and white mark out the GR20 trail. The alpine variants are way-marked with two yellow lines. When it is possible to leave the GR20 to rejoin a village you will often see a wooden sign with a yellow line. The route notes are edited by the FFRP (Fdration Franaise de Randonn Pdestre) and the Regional Park of Corsica.

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